Tafaqquh Fiddeen & Akhlaqul Kareema

Developing good character and personality; inculcating the Aqeedah of Tauhid in the minds of the Muslimah generation of tomorrow, INSYA ALLAH


About us

Pesantren Putri As-syafi'iyah was built by KH. Abdullah Syafi'ie in 1977 under As-syafi'iyah foundation – Pesantren Putri is a boarding schools for girls, it has several separate residential houses within the school grounds. It combines the Diniyah School and National School curriculum (SLTP/SMU)


Our Vision

An educated generation will be best able to positively shape the future and contribute significantly in a global society. Our goals is to educate the student in totality: spiritually, emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically, with Al-Qur'an as their life guide


Our Mission

To accomplish our vision, we committed to preparing students to be the qualified leaders and world citizens of tomorrow by providing collaborative education to combine knowledge and skills; development of good character and personality; inculcating the Aqeedah of Tauhid in the minds of students by teaching them to turn to Allah alone for all their needs, which will enable them in return to understand the close bonds between faith and life using a balanced and integrated curriculum to the glory of Allah


Our Curriculum and Programs

  • Academic Programs includes: Madrasah Diniyah (Tsanawiyah/Aliyah) and SLTP/SMU nationally recognized

  • Arabic Classes

  • Human Recourse Training

  • Basic Leadership Training

  • Guidance and Concealing Program

  • Extra-Curricular

    • Tadarus and Hifdzil Qur'an

    • Speech (Muhadharah) in three language (Arabic, English and Indonesian)

    • Language Community

    • Computer Education

    • Marching Band

    • Sports (Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Badminton)

    • Performing Arts (theatre/drama, calligraphy and many more)



The teachers are the experts in related field of education, which enable continuous improvements in the personality of students by the help of the Supreme Council Uztadzah Hj. Ida Farida Abdullah Syafi’ie and Uztadz HM. Agus Alwy as the Head Councelor of the school. Our teachers make every possible effort to guide and arm the students, not only to excel in academics but also to be better human beings. They are not only their guides but companions for students in their quest to achive a positive outlook towards the society, our nation and the world



  • Dorms (We have seven dorms with 14 rooms for 6 students in each room) Each dorm has guest room, study room, terrace and backyard.

  • Classrooms (Our latest project is giving a new and more convinient classroom. To find more information or make a donation click here)


  • Laboratories ** :

    • Chemistry laboratory

    • Physics laboratory

    • Biology laboratory

    • Language laboratory

    • Computer laboratory

  • Library

  • Health and Care Center

  • Sporting Facilities

  • Cafeteria/School Dining Room

  • Canteen

  • 24 hours Security

  • Principal, Teachers office

  • Hydroponic 

All the activities are in an environment that encourages 

modern boarding school (pesantren) standards in every area, 

while at the same time being supportive, enjoyable and friendly. We make every effort to be a "second home and extended family" for those who are part of our school community.

Every new academic year will start in July, registration starts every month of February.

**Some of the facilities are in term of renovation, for donating please visit:  Pesantren Putri As-syafi'iyah Jatiwaringin


021 8462237


Jalan Raya Jatiwaringin no.45 Kecamatan Pondok Gede, Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17411 Indonesia

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